There are a few notes to keep in mind after you have bought studded jewelry, especially about the nature of the stones that have been used in the jewelry and the nature of metal used to hold those stones.

  • 1.  Diamond is the hardest substance on earth and is also chemically inert. What it essentially means is that it is resistant to the effects of the acids and alkalis and also to scratches by any other metal. But when you are keeping diamond jewelry where the diamonds can scratch one another then you are tarnishing the polish of the diamond and making those susceptible to scratches.
  • 2.   Another thing that must be borne in mind is that though diamond is hard, it is also brittle, which means if it is subjected to the blow of a hammer it would break into pieces. What this implies, is that, the diamonds should be protected from heavy impact and pounding.
  • 3.  Any other soft precious stone like emeralds must be kept in such a way that it does not get scratched by metal of the jewelry or by other stones.
  • 4.  Dust, which is also mostly silicon quartz can scratch stones like emeralds and pearls. So the jewelry having emerald and pearls should be stored preferably in the closed jewelry boxes.

In order to cherish the beauty of the jewelry and preserve its longevity as well as its aesthetics, some precautions and care is required at the user’s end.

  • a.   Always keep the jewelry in the jewelry box and in a way that the different pieces do not keep banging against one another.
  • b.   Take care to ensure that the soft stones are not exposed to dust and always use a soft muslin cloth to wipe softly the stones that may be covered with dust or use a soft painting brush to brush off the dust from the jewelry.
  • c.   Rings and earrings worn 24 x7, may get dirty with the soap or shampoos or creams and dust clogging the space between the metal and the stones, especially the hollow spaces in the collets in which the color stones or the diamonds are held. This clogging will reduce the fire and transparency of the diamonds and color stones and make the jewelry look jaded.

The diamonds can be cleaned by any harshest acid but when set in gold, the effect of the acid may tarnish the finish of the gold in jewelry though the diamonds would remain unaffected.

So, in order to clean diamond jewelry, care must be taken to use mild detergents, preferably shampoos or liquid soaps, for what is safe for the skin is safe for cleaning any jewelry. You could use a soft tooth brush to dislodge any soap or dirt that gets embedded in the ring or earrings especially from the cavities of the prongs and the hollow spaces on the back of the collets.

As a matter of precaution do not rinse the jewelry items in the running water. If your ring is worn out, it may be possible that the prongs that hold the diamond may also be worn and the diamonds may get dislodged by the action of the brush and be lost forever if rinsed in the running water. (it is always in your interest to get the prongs inspected after a prolonged use from your jeweler). So as a matter of protocol, after cleaning the clogged spaces with the soft toothbrush, rinse the piece of jewelry in the mug of water and then check if any stone has been dislodged. This precaution is mostly valid for the old rings that get worn out than any other piece of jewelry for they are subjected to the most wear and tear over time. Nevertheless, it is mandatory that this protocol is followed on other jewelry items as well.

Once the jewelry has been rinsed in plain water, just use a cotton cloth to soak away the excess moisture. Blow dry the jewelry using a hair dryer with the hot air, but just enough to dry it without overheating it. This is an easy way to keep your jewelry in its pristine form, clean and dazzling.