Payment Option

The Goods are shipped only after the payment is received from the customer. The payments can be received by any of the following modes-

  1. Net Banking
  2. Credit Card Payment
  3. Payments Through Cheque

Though the payment through Cheque is a relevant mode of payment but involves a time lag from the moment the cheque is issued to the moment the funds are received. And the transaction is classified as a sale only after the funds are credited to our account.

So if the customer decides to issue a cheque, the transaction only gets  classified as a purchase when the funds are received in our account. If in the intervening period the product so selected by the customer is bought by another customer then we are not liable for any damages. The best we can do in the circumstances is either offer any alternative jewelry item, or offer to make an identical jewelry item in the minimum time frame possible. If this is not acceptable to the customer then the only remaining recourse is to refund the amount received.