Who are we ?

WE are people from disparate backgrounds who have been in the diamonds and jewelry trade for the last three decades. Since this Site is not about us but for the customers and for what we have to offer to them, we will not dwell on ourselves except that the experience of the past three decades has helped us understand the unique facets of the trade and the practices that are exclusive to it. This cumulative experience has made us understand the exclusive positioning of the jewelry, especially the diamond jewelry in the customers’ mind, the misgivings and apprehensions about the quality parameters and the opacity about the market prices.

We have been on a constant learning curve all these years, trying to ferret out the customers’ tastes and preferences across the spectrum, the designs that appeals to them and the need for credibility and integrity that has either been missing or has not been apparent.

While profit has been the motive of every business, it should strive to satisfy the inherent need and create value for the customer. We aver that we are going to do just that. We will endeavor to the best of our ability to satisfy your exacting expectations, and we assure you that you will not find us lacking either in integrity or in our efforts.

Without being too verbose, we will prefer that our work speaks for us. We enter this exciting world of online business and hope that we live up to your expectations.